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November 19, 2019

Updates on river management in the Colorado River Basin

by Herm Hoops

NPS - Dinosaur National Monument

  • 10,200 applications for private permits; The Yampa River is the most difficult permit to obtain in the U.S.
  • Dinosaur will be hiring new river rangers
  • Hazard tree removal project in camps is ongoing
  • Completion of the Jones Hole project has resulted in fewer skunk complaints
  • Monument will be conducting a river camp baseline study
  • Jet boat next to Disaster Falls will be removed
  • Monument is seeing more inappropriate river craft
  • Double booking of river camps through is improving

NPS - Glen Canyon

  • A ranger is now stationed at Hite, they are hoping to add additional rangers
  • Hite has a new water system, new restrooms, and bathhouse
  • Guided ATV tours have begun
  • There are now food trucks at the Lees Ferry Launch for the Grand Canyon.

NPS - Canyonlands

  • Backcountry permit fees are being reviewed; they may be raised for staffing costs.
  • Generators are not permitted on the White Rim Trail
  • Fish in vacuum sealed packaging for river trips creates excellent conditions for botulism when thawed.  Cooking does not eliminate botulism.  The FDA and CDC has internet information about the risk. Also, vacuum bags tend to have leaks.
  • Thermometers should be sanitized between uses; Thermometers can be calibrated by putting them in a cup of ice and water - they should read 32 degrees.
  • Disinfection wipes are not approved for sanitizing food preparation areas; Clorox should be used.

BLM - Desolation/Gray Canyons

  • 496 private permits/4000 applications
  • 146 Commercial/1884 available
  • Wi-Fi coming to Sand Wash
  • Swaseys Boat Ramp extension work as river level lower
Ute Tribe
  • Ute Tribal Business Committee opposes non-tribal members on Ute lands.
  • Permit ($5) to scout Steer Ridge Rapid
  • Few trespassers noted in 2019 on Ute Fisheries and Tribal Police patrols; if trespassing the Tribe will fine and possibly confiscate gear.
  • Considering the installation of cameras at Moonshiners and McPherson Ranch to ID trespassers.
  • Ute tribe concerned about antler collecting on Tribal lands. (Note, a few years ago Utah and BLM permitted antler collecting on UT and federal lands within season).
  • Ute Tribe will be removing feral cows and horses.

San Juan River

  • River Management Plan will begin
Westwater Canyon
  • Westwater permits will now be through
  • New increased parking & 4 new campsites.
  • Working on removal of non-native plants
  • New water well to be drilled

BLM Lands

  • E bikes are classified as motor bikes and not allowed on non-motorized trails

Utah Sovereign Lands

  • Tony Mancuso (Forestry, Fire & State Lands, Southeast Area Office, 1165 S. Highway 191, Suite 6; Moab, UT 84532) will follow up on low flying planes.  Utah sovereign lands does not allow landing on state lands, that includes dipping wheels on the waters of navigable rivers.  You need to get (photograph) the tail number on planes.  Flying within 500 feet of people is prohibited by FAA regulation.
  • College groups and outdoor clubs, usually operated through university or school staff are becoming a problem on State Lands.
  • UT DNR is proposing boat (quagga and zebra mussel) inspection stations at Hanksville and Blanding.

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