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Colorado Plateau River Guides
November 21, 2018

List of Benefactors and Life Members

To Join CPRG, download the application here and send it to:
PO Box 344
Moab, UT  84532
Or call us at: 435-259-1063

If we missed your name, please contact us:

Herm Hoops
Robert Tubbs
Richard Quartaroli
Dennis White
Black George Simmons
Michael Smith
John Weisheit
Dan Murphy
Brad Dimock
Robert H. Webb
David Yeamans
Heidi Domeisan
Steve Young
Paul Smith
Dave Lyle
Gene Stevenson
Rebecca Martin
Catherine Cowles
Shannon Demuth
Rob Elliott
Dee and Sue Holladay
Peter Lawson
Dave Mackay
Richard Quist
Karla Vander Zanden
George Wendt
John Williams
Robert Deglas
RJ Johnson
Tom Moody
Earle Spammer
Bill Bishop
David Desrosiers
Colorado River Recovery Program
Tom Kleinschnitz
Mary Richards
Jene Vredevoogde
Bruce Winter

Colorado Plateau River Guides    PO Box 344    Moab, UT 84532     435.259.1063
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