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January 1, 2001

Lake Powell Research Project Bulletins

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The Lake Powell Research Project (formally known as Collaborative Research on Assessment of Man's Activities in the Lake Powell Region) is a consortium of university groups funded by the Division of Advanced Environmental Research and Technology in RANN (Research Applied to National Needs) in the National Science Foundation.


Researchers in the consortium bring a wide range of expertise in natural and social sciences to bear on the general problem of the effects and ramifications of water resource management in the Lake Powell region. The region currently is experiencing converging demands for water and energy resource development, preservation of nationally unique scenic features, expansion of recreation facilities, and economic growth and modernization in previously isolated rural areas.


The Project comprises interdisciplinary studies centered on the following topics: (1) level and distribution of income and wealth generated by resources development; (2) institutional framework for environmental assessment and planning; (3) institutional decision-making and re- source allocation; (4) implications for federal Indian policies of accelerated economic development of the Navajo Indian Reservation; (5) impact of development on demographic structure; (6) consumptive water use in the Upper Colorado River Basin; (7) prediction of future significant changes in the Lake Powell ecosystem; (8) recreational carrying capacity and utilization of the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area; (9) impact of energy development around Lake Powell; and (10) consequences of variability in the lake level of Lake Powell.


One of the major missions of RAW projects is to communicate research results directly to user groups of the region, which include government agencies, Native American Tribes, legislative bodies, and interested civic groups. The Lake Powell Research Project Bulletins are intended to make timely research results readily accessible to user groups. The Bulletins supplement technical articles published by Project members in scholarly journals.
No. 1: Mercury in the Lake Powell ecosystem.
No. 2: Demographic Change Among the Hopi and Navajo Indians.
No. 3: Air quality in the Lake Powell Region.

No. 4: Legal-political History of Water Resource Development in the Upper Colorado River Basin. D. Mann. September, 1974.
No. 7: The Impact of Power Developments in the Navajo Nation.
No. 9: Science Information in the Decision to Dam Glen Canyon. P. Perkins. May, 1975.
No. 14: An Overview of the Effect of Lake Powell on Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Environment. G. Jacoby. November, 1975.
No. 16: Bacterial Contamination of Lake Powell Waters: An Assessment of the Problem. D. Kidd. December, 1975.
No.18: Long-term Surface Water Supply and Streamflow Trends in the Upper Colorado River Basin. Stockton and Jacoby. March, 1976.
No. 22: The Effects of Power Production and Strip Mining on Local Navajo Populations.
No. 30: Kaiparowits Handbook: Coal Resources.
No.48: Evaporation, Bank Storage, and Water Budget at Lake Powell. G. Jacoby. July, 1977.
No.64: Sedimentation in Lake Powell. W. Condit et al. June, 1978.

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